Hand crafted leather goods


Embossed Leather Journals & Book Covers

Record your thoughts and memories in a journal as unique as you are. Individually hand crafted from the finest cow and kangaroo hides, these top quality leather journals and book covers are made to last a lifetime.

Each leather journal cover is embossed with our own designs, and dyed in a range of striking colours. When not in use, a classic Sam Browne stud or press stud provides an elegant and secure way to keep your journal closed.

Choose your perfect leather journal from a selection of convenient A-series sizes. From pocket-sized A7 journals to A4 book covers, each one comes ready-to-use with a book of luxuriously thick unlined paper. And once you’ve filled it up, it’s easy to replace it with your own diary, notebook or address book.

Whether bought for yourself or given as gifts, these unique and beautiful leather journals and book covers will bring joy to their owner for many years.



Front and Back Interiors showing strong leather gusset for easy refilling.
Open Back in Gusset      

Choice of 4 Studs: black, brass & nickel Sam Browne studs and press stud.

       Sam-Browne Studs                                Press-Stud

Sam Browne studs are secured by way of a threaded screw. A very clever product, sometimes attributed  to a man named "Sam Browne" who shaped his first design from a bullet, during the American civil war. Now still in use for many leather applications including belts and horse saddlery.

To provide a secure clasp JEB Leather custom engineered their Sam Browne studs to specifically suit their product.

Sam Browne Stud  brass-sam-browne

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